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Our Approach To This Work

Latitude Sports Marketing is a sports memorabilia company based in Denver.  They wanted a way to celebrate Peyton Manning, the incredible Denver Broncos quarterback.  The site was built with the goal of marketing key memorabilia for the holiday shopping season. Working closely with Latitude, Conecto built a "pop-up" site  to feature some of their key collectibles. We were able to build and launch a site within five days of Peyton Manning breaking the passing record.  The site launch was reinforced with a paid ad campaign targeting very specific buyers.


Planning And Executing

The site needed to feature sharp, quick loading graphics and an easy-access shopping cart.  Since the site was designed to display quickly, it used a flat and consistent color theme.  The featured items also had to be responsive and easy to buy.  Working with Latitude, we were able to narrow down the site to feature just eight incredible pieces.  By limiting the choices to only the best products, we were able to present simple shopping options to the targeted audience.

After researching several shopping cart options, we chose to use to quickly inventory and process the items. After approval, the site was launched and listed with all relevant web directory services.  

Crucial to the site's success was the advertising plan.  We built the marketing campaign around targeting spouses of Denver Broncos fans looking for unique holiday gifts.  The products featured were unique collectibles.  Using Facebook advertising tools, we were able to narrow down to a specific audience.  Latitude Sports Marketing was able to capture sales with a combination of paid ads, social media, and targeted emails.

final notes

Success and growth

The site was very successful during the holiday season and boasted consistent traffic.  Latitude was so pleased with the results that after the Denver Broncos Super Bowl win, we quickly modified the site to feature a mailing list for preordering the hot Super Bowl items, as well as a shopping link to Latitude's Amazon Store.

Let us use our speed and creativity to help build and market a niche platform for your business.